Rev. Dr. Samuel S. Chetti

The Rev. Dr. Samuel S. Chetti is the Executive Minister of the American Baptist Churches of Los Angeles. Dr. Chetti is the first Asian-American Regional Executive Minister of American Baptist Churches, U.S.A. He has been serving the churches in the area for 31 years.

Dr. Chetti’s ministry began in work with urban youth and other youth ministries. In 1976 he was appointed the American Baptist Chaplain at the University of Southern California. While there he strengthened student ministry and developed health service ministry at the School of Medicine. Dr. Chetti also was pastor of the Baptist Chapel at University of California at Los Angeles. In 1983, he was appointed to direct the American Baptist Ministry in Higher Education for ABC of Los Angeles and Pacific Southwest regions.

In 1986, Dr. Chetti assumed staff position of Associate Executive Minister and Director of the Division of Congregational Renewal and Development. He is CEO of one of the most diverse regions of American Baptist Churches, representing 138 churches and missions. Over 104 countries are represented every Sunday with preaching and worship services conducted in over 23 different languages.

In 2006, he was given the responsibility for administering the new American Baptists of the Southwest Region, formerly the American Baptists of the Pacific Southwest. Dr. Chetti holds degrees in Bio-Chemistry and Comparative Religions and Theology, and an honorary doctorate degree from American Baptist Seminary of the West. (Member since 2007.)