Affordable Housing

Kelly Ridge, Lake Tahoe, California

Uncompromising quality, stylish settings and the latest amenities. Beacon Communities, a wholly owned subsidiary of ABHOW, is redefining affordable housing for seniors.

They say home is where you hang your hat. At Beacon’s 32 affordable housing communities, it’s so much more.

It's where home means sanctuary, comfort and security, style and quality. It's where needs are not only met but exceeded. Welcome to affordable housing, Beacon-style — where the standard of living trumps a fixed income every day of the week.

More than 2,500 seniors call Beacon communities home. Here, older adults with limited means find peace of mind in not having to choose between paying the rent and buying basic necessities like food or medicine. And that frees them up to do the things they enjoy, like volunteering or visiting friends, taking art classes or learning how to navigate the Internet.

Many of the communities provide delicious, nutritious meals, as well as private mini buses for regularly scheduled visits to doctors, dentists and pharmacies. Bistro cafes, exercise rooms and outdoor entertaining spaces are some of the featured amenities offered at select communities.

Beacon believes that a rich, fulfilling life is the right of every senior. At Beacon, home means a life well-lived.

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