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Pioneering Perspective: Sue Liskey »

10/18/2016 3:30 pm

Sue Liskey, resident of the Terraces at San Joaquin Gardens in Fresno, California, has sold real estate for the past 40 years and has no intention of stopping. At 82 years young, Liskey receives great joy in helping Fresno residents make important home decisions.


Executive Director’s Labor of Love Benefits Valle Verde Residents and Team Members »

10/13/2016 1:55 pm

Two years ago, Melissa Honig accepted what she thought to be a temporary position as Valle Verde’s interim executive director in Santa Barbara, California.


Rotary Plaza of San Mateo Re-opens After Renovations »

10/13/2016 1:53 pm

October 14th marks the long awaited grand re-opening of Rotary Plaza, located in San Mateo County, just 30 minutes from San Francisco’s iconic Golden Gate Bridge.


At Judson Park’s College of Inspiration, It’s Never Too Late to Learn »

10/13/2016 1:51 pm

Elvis and Buddy Holly. Women as change agents in politics. Volcanology. All are topics that residents of Judson Park in Des Moines, Washington, explored in college-level classes this fall.


Executive Director Takes Community to a New Age »

10/13/2016 1:48 pm

Jessica Lopez was a college student majoring in journalism when a suggestion from a senior living community resident changed her career path.


Plymouth Village Resident Lives a Life of Service »

10/13/2016 1:44 pm

C.B.  Stueland, resident of Plymouth Village in Redlands, California, has always been service oriented. In his youth, he dreamed of protecting his community as a police officer; today, the just turned 73-year-old continues to find ways to be of service and give back to his community.


Sue Liskey Follows Her Dreams While Helping Others Fulfill Theirs »

10/13/2016 1:35 pm

Sue Liskey, resident of the Terraces at San Joaquin  Gardens in Fresno, California, has sold real estate for the past 40 years and has no intention of stopping. 


A Pioneering Perspective: John Mandle »

9/30/2016 9:32 pm

Resident John Mandle served as a volunteer archivist at Valle Verde in Santa Barbara, California, for 16 years. As a retired engineer, he pioneered the software used to preserve the community's history.


Resident Embraces Adventure at Paintbrush »

9/26/2016 4:38 pm

After Melba Wells suffered a stroke earlier this year, she and her family decided it was time for a transition. 


ABHOW Leads in Healthy Living »

9/26/2016 4:34 pm

Studies show that how we age is not linked solely to the passage of time. Rather, the quality of aging depends on the choices we make each day.