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Company ‘Gets Its Kicks’ Meeting on Route 66 »

4/3/2015 5:02 pm

Route 66, as the song says, “winds from Chicago to L.A., more than 2,000 miles all the way.” But in the ABHOW world, the iconic highway takes a turn to Fresno.


Annual Reports Emphasize Impact »

4/3/2015 5:00 pm

Through wise investments of time and resources, ABHOW maximizes the present to build a strong foundation for future generations of older adults and senior living leaders.


Mother, Daughter Transition Together »

4/3/2015 4:58 pm

By all accounts, Mary Pierson’s move to Courtside Cottages in Vacaville, California, should have been a stressful one.


Resident Shares Passion for Coastal Beauty »

4/3/2015 4:56 pm

The hiking trails surrounded by clear blue water drew Lori Lewis to Point Lobos State Natural Reserve on the California coast. The marine life, shorebirds and rugged coastal terrain kept her coming back.


Music and Memory Straight from the Vine »

4/3/2015 4:52 pm

Everyone has a song that takes them back to a special moment — dancing with their first love on prom night, a mother whistling as she stirs cake batter, or a family vacation with the kids singing in the back seat.


Holt Honored as Executive Director of the Year »

4/3/2015 4:50 pm

In times of uncertainty, Rae Holt knows how to keep spirits high. That’s just one reason why he received the Executive Director of the Year award at ABHOW’s 2015 Annual Meeting.


Uicab Named Administrator of the Year »

4/3/2015 4:47 pm

If you ask Zuly Uicab about her accomplishments, she’ll probably choose to let someone else shine.


Walls Receives Presidential Citation »

4/3/2015 4:44 pm

Tom Walls says he felt like a kid in a candy store during The Terraces at San Joaquin Garden’s six-year redevelopment.


Concierge Helps Create Personal Greetings »

3/6/2015 9:01 am

Darcy Tumminello, assisted living director at Las Ventanas, challenged her team members last year to find innovative ways to interact with residents outside of the normal work settings.


Clothing Collected for Hospital Patients »

3/6/2015 8:53 am

Few people expect to end up in a hospital emergency room. When a sudden illness or injury strikes, many patients go to the ER with just their clothes.