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Art Therapy Brings Healing »

8/22/2016 3:19 pm

When Judith Blair is coloring a beautiful flower, her mind is a million miles away. She is far from the neurological condition that makes her hands shake, painful fibromyalgia and all her worries.


A Partnership Worth Celebrating »

8/22/2016 3:16 pm

The past year has been a time of growth for both ABHOW and Here is some of what we have accomplished to assure a smooth and successful affiliation.


Valle Verde Leader Continues to Step Forward »

8/22/2016 3:13 pm

Yvette Duarte began enriching the lives of residents long before she embarked on her 20-year career at Valle Verde.


Resident Inspires Community to Share Stories »

8/22/2016 3:09 pm

Around The Terraces of Los Gatos, Sallie Morton is known as “the unsinkable Sallie Morton.”


Ralph Knight Leaves Legacy of Service »

8/22/2016 3:07 pm

The Rev. Ralph Knight passed away in Pleasanton, California, on June 30, leaving behind a legacy of service and activism in senior living.


Fundraiser Fosters Community »

8/22/2016 3:05 pm

When Habitat for Humanity approached Mount Rubidoux Manor in Riverside, California, with a creative fundraising idea, it seemed like the perfect way to serve the greater community.


Memorable Celebrations at O’Connor Woods »

8/22/2016 3:03 pm

The residents of O’Connor Woods in Stockton, California, love a good party. But with a predominantly female population, dancing partners are sometimes in short supply.


Committees Welcome New Leadership »

8/11/2016 5:38 pm

As new ABHOW Foundation committee chairs, Jim Dunn and Mike Levy are looking forward to helping their neighbors experience better, fuller lives. 


Dry Leaves Legacy at The Terraces of Los Gatos »

8/11/2016 5:28 pm

Thelma Dry loved the opera. Even after her retirement, she stayed involved in her passion, becoming a patroness to local companies and volunteering with the West Bay Opera, expanding the “Opera in the School” program from just a few schools per season to nearly 50.


Beatson-ABHOW Fund Touches More Lives »

8/11/2016 5:22 pm

Carol DeGrenier was surprised to be diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes at age 52, but she got straight into treatment.