What is Your Legacy: Lois Ann Larson »

8/6/2015 3:29 pm

Lois Ann Larson was passionate and determined about helping her community.


New Fund Supports Team Members in Crisis »

8/6/2015 3:25 pm

Judy Brinkman wasn’t sure how to support her family after a knee injury left her husband unable to work.


A Word from Jeff Glaze, ABHOW Foundation President »

8/6/2015 3:21 pm

After a knee injury left her husband unable to work, Judy Brinkman took out four car title loans to support her family.


Fund Enhances Life for People With Diabetes »

8/6/2015 11:53 am

When her doctor recommended that she purchase a continuous glucose monitor (CGM) to control her Type 1 diabetes, Brenda Burks had no idea how she would afford the device.


Giving Gets Easier for Team Members »

5/26/2015 1:40 pm

The ABHOW Foundation depends on support from both residents and team members to enhance the well-being of people in ABHOW communities.


Glen Campbell Film Screening Raises Money for The Grove »

5/26/2015 12:55 pm

When legendary country musician Glen Campbell was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease in 2011, he was told he would never play guitar again.


The Terraces of Phoenix Rededicates Donor Wall »

5/26/2015 12:52 pm

We can never thank our donors enough.


What is Your Legacy: William and Louise May »

5/26/2015 12:50 pm

When William and Louise May returned to Bakersfield, California, in 1976, they never planned to leave.


New Foundation Committee Members Hit Ground Running »

5/26/2015 12:48 pm

Marilyn Smith didn’t expect to advocate for seniors one week after joining Judson Park’s Foundation committee.


A Word from Jeff Glaze, ABHOW Foundation President »

5/26/2015 12:46 pm

What is the ABHOW Foundation’s future? Which funds and endowments have the greatest impact? How can we encourage more people to give?