Stunt Double Recalls Superhero Feats »

12/10/2010 11:35 am CST

Carol Crosby-Ferges Christensen fearlessly lay her body across the windshield of a moving car. She jumped through a ceiling and in and out of trees. She even leaped between tall buildings in a single bound.


Oakland Resident Is a Rambling Man »

10/20/2010 11:17 am CDT

Francis Estrella says heís ridden the rails in every state except Hawaii, where he was born, and Alaska, where he was a salmon fisherman for 30 years. From the time he left home at 12 until two years ago, when he moved into ABHOWís E.E. Cleveland Manor in Oakland, Calif., Estrella has been a rambling man.


Retired Team Member Returns to Rosewood »

10/17/2010 11:04 pm CDT

It might be appropriate to call Lois Blakemore a fixture at Rosewood Senior Living Community. After all, she’s had a connection to the Bakersfield, Calif., community for 26 of the 36 years of Rosewood’s existence.


Jump Shows Stamina Across Storied Career »

9/22/2010 2:47 pm CDT

Roger Jump, the administrator of ABHOW’s Judson Terrace Homes in San Luis Obispo, Calif., began his job there nearly 25 years ago and never gave a thought to doing anything else.


Tacoma Resident Shares Recipe for Success »

8/7/2010 10:05 pm CDT

After some 40 years in the hotel and restaurant business, Bob McCormick thought he moved into Harbor View Manor in his native Tacoma, Wash., to retire. But soon after arriving two years ago, he heard his former career in good food and hospitality still calling him.


Phoenix Resident Caps Lifetime of Service »

6/23/2010 6:03 am CDT

As a little boy in Belvidere, Ill., Dick George was fascinated with the Union Pacific trains that ran near his home. He also loved working with wood. ìIt was during the Depression, when families didnít have much money,î he explained. ìMy father helped me make wooden toys.î


Cal Berkeley Honors Former Internee »

5/3/2010 11:41 pm CDT

As a member of the University of California at Berkeleyís 1941 sophomore class, Toshi Tekawa was in many ways typical of any other second-year student.


Kelly Ridge Artist Thankful for Comeback »

3/23/2010 11:10 am CDT

Many a morning finds Larry Kendall at his easel in the forest near Kelly Ridge, the ABHOW community in South Lake Tahoe, Calif., where he lives. A painter, a woodcarver and a published poet, Kendall is grateful to be able to hold a paintbrush. Seven years ago, he was doing just that, starting work on a mural for a friend, when the scaffolding on which he was standing gave way and he fell more than 30 feet.


WWII Pilot Receives Congressional Gold Medal »

3/10/2010 9:55 pm CST

Barbara Squire, a resident at The Terraces of Los Gatos, was one of the more than 300 surviving members of the Women Airforce Service Pilots ñ or WASPs ñ honored with the Congressional Gold Medal on March 10.


Medical Missionaries Built Bonds In Countries Ravaged by War »

2/20/2010 10:05 am CST

When she arrived in Kyoto in 1947 as a medical missionary, Dr. Alice Cary knew one word of Japanese: ìohayo,î which means ìgood morning.î

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