Awards & Recognition

 Dannis Murphy, program manager of The Grove at The Terraces of Phoenix, received the 2014 Circle of Excellence Grand Prize for his Virtual Dementia Tour program

At ABHOW, we like to celebrate when our mission is fulfilled. Awards and recognition are occasions to be reminded of the difference we make in the lives of thousands of seniors and their families.

Each year, through the Circle of Excellence, we honor a group of employees who demonstrate the quality that our company is known for. At our annual corporate meeting, we salute the exemplary contributions of staff, residents, volunteers, and board members with three corporate awards: the Corporate Ethics Award, the Corporate Governance Award, and the Presidential Citation.

We are gratified when others recognize the quality of our work. As a national leader, we must constantly examine our practices to ensure that they are not only current but focused on the future. ABHOW is committed to this strategic direction. That’s evident every day in the work of individuals and teams at the corporate office and the local communities. To have this acknowledged through honors from other agencies testifies to our leadership and is fitting praise for the enormous effort and commitment of our employees.