Mission, Vision and Philosophy

At ABHOW, we're intentional about articulating our values and aspirations. The following foundational statements guide our every decision.

Mission Statement

American Baptist Homes of the West, as an expression of Christian mission, seeks to enhance the independence, well-being and security of older people through the provision of housing, health care and supportive services.

Vision Statement

American Baptist Homes of the West will continue to hold the trust of its constituency by keeping its promises with integrity, stability and intentional ethical behavior in the provision of quality care and services for older persons.

Statement of Philosophy

Aging is a normal life process, which people experience in different ways.

Older people should have the right to experience life to its fullest through self-determination.

A caring community recognizes that people are individuals with changing needs and seeks innovative approaches which emphasize each person’s wholeness.

Our services provide opportunities for personal growth, security, fulfillment and choice.

Our American Baptist heritage leads us to serve older people without regard to religious preference.

As a charitable corporation we exist for and are responsible to the communities we serve.

Our comprehensive program goes beyond the provision of services within our own communities and attempts to effect changes within society which lead toward a fuller life for all of us as we grow older.

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